Here are the terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) for Anh Mo application (hereinafter referred to as “Anh Mo”) which is created by AM Technology.,JSC (Vietnam) (hereinafter referred to as “the Company “).

Anh Mo users (hereinafter referred to as “User”) will be deemed to agree to these terms when using Anh Mo.

Third party sites and services of Anh Mo might have different terms of use. When using these third-party sites  services, Users will have to abide by separate terms of use. When there are differences between the user terms and the contracts terms, contract terms shall take precedent.

The content of this provision may be changed from time to time as required when using Anh Mo, please refer to the latest version.

I. The purpose of Anh Mo

The main purpose of Anh Mo is to create a channel of communication between Users and Apartment’s Managers (Managers can send notifications to Users and Users can send feedbacks to Managers) and to facilitate payment process for apartment-related utilities and expenses.

II. Installation and notification

By installing Anh Mo, Users agree that Anh Mo can access Users’ location data if and when Users enable location service on device; to allow Anh Mo to connect with camera and access image gallery; and to receive notifications from Anh Mo.

III. Member Registration Procedures

Users can register to be a member of Anh Mo (hereinafter referred to as “Anh Mo members”) by the steps required by the company. Anh Mo website might provide services which are different for Users who are not members Anh Mo or have not completed the steps to register as a member of the company. The company have the right to change any content of this terms of use at any time.

IV. Registration and Management of Login Accounts, etc.

Users are personally responsible for registration and management of their login accounts and passwords (“Login Accounts, etc.”). The Company assumes no liability whatsoever for any damage caused by problems such as inadequate management by Users, errors in usage, or use by third parties. In addition, utilization by Users of services pertaining to their Login Accounts, etc. (including services not operated by the Company; the same applies hereinafter) is under their own responsibility, and utilization of the relevant services is in accordance with the provisions of each of the various rules stipulated by the operators of the relevant services. The Company will not be liable for any damage caused by utilization of services pertaining to Login Accounts, etc. or problems arising between a User and the operator of the relevant services.

V. Privacy: Handling of Personal Information

1. Purpose of using:

When necessary, the company will acquire some information which is given by the user and this information will be used for the following purposes:

  • To confirm the account holder when logging in;
  • To guide Users on products and services of the company or group of companies through mail, telephone, e-mail …’
  • For statistical data in the form which does not distinguish individuals to improve the company’s service’
  • To use when necessary for contacting the user.

2. Provide information for 3rd party

If any of the following circumstances are not present, the company will not provide personal information to 3rd parties:

  • When consented by User;
  • When publicize or provide statistical data in the form that does not distinguish individuals
  • When required by law;
  • When necessary to ensure the lives and property of other people and obtaining user consent is impractical;
  • When resulting in improvement of public health or comprehensive education for children and obtaining user consent is impractical;
  • When required to cooperate with unions and individuals of government agencies, local government associations while getting user consent may hinder the implementation of the relevant authorities’ works.

3. Professional trustee

To use for the above purposes, and within the territory of Vietnam, after obtaining professional advice from our lawyers, the company will likely entrust in full or in part private information of Users.

4. Publicize, edit, delete, and stop using

In the case that user requires us to publicize, edit, add, delete, stop using personal information, we will process according to the provisions of paragraph 5. “Privacy: Handling of Personal Information “.

5. Other cases

In case the user does not enter all the required items may not be used in part or whole of Anh Mo service.

VI. Use of Anh Mo

1. Prohibition of Anh Mo Redirecting or Resale

  • Users shall not use Anh Mo in any way for the purpose of trading, soliciting, profiting.. Additionally, Users shall not use the service to promote activities related to religious issues, political…
  • Users are forbidden to use or transfer any content, article, review which are posted on Anh Mo, except for when they are created by themselves.
  • Except for the case user post a review using their own posts and content which abide by the terms of use, if they use any article which is published on Anh Mo to make profit, the company will have the right to request an amount of payment equal to the amount of profit earned.

2. Change, stop Anh Mo

Depending on the situation, the company may change Anh Mo services. In case of a fire, accident or other disaster, Anh Mo is likely to be discontinued. The company does not take any responsibility on any incurred or potential damages caused to Users or Third Party by changing or discontinuing Anh Mo.

3. The equipment needed to use Anh Mo

To use the service, Anh Mo Users need to access Anh Mo website and App, using appropriate software and hardware.. The Company does not have any responsibility to provide Users any devices for usage of Anh Mo..

4. Posting reviews and copyright

  • You must be a member of Anh Mo to be able to post a review on Anh Mo.
  • Any articles that you uploaded to the website must be in compliance with terms and guidelines which are prescribed by the company. Guidance is considered to be a part of this provision, this provision will include general instructions.
  • At any time after members post reviews to Anh Mo, they consent that the company are entitled to free usage of such content, including but not limited to copying, public posting, distributed publications, translations … in both domestic and foreign language (including the company agreement with the 3rd party to reuse this article).
  • Members have full copyright as to copying, publishing, translating, distributing their own reviews and have full responsibility on the content posted. In addition, if a member uses someone else’s review for posting, they should be responsible for getting permission to use the content as specified in paragraph (4) c. This should be noted before using the other people’s content.
  • In the cases 3rd party have the agreement of using company’s content, company will provide the reviews, content of members to them. In this case, 3rd party might use whole or a part of user reviews, or resize the user uploaded image. Besides that, when using the members reviews for posting, Anh Mo might include the user name. We will be very careful when using user reviews but to be ensure if there are any modification from us which causes bad affection of members’ honor, please contact us.
  • When the third parties consents to reuse contents, reviews of Anh Mo, they will not be constrained by the conditions like regional limits and obligations of displaying articles’ copyright. During the time of using copyrights, copyrights will belong to the Anh Mo members. Anh Mo members who have posted content will not automatically become privileged members of the site.
  • The Company will not be responsible for compensation for damages incurred by 3rd party or Anh Mo member when company or 3rd party use the member reviews/contents.

5. Linking with Outside Services in Posting of reviews Information.

  • When posting a review on Anh Mo, members use the linked services to post reviews to external services like Twitter, Facebook (hereinafter referred to as “external services”), the company will carry out on behalf of a member to post on external services. Thus, when Anh Mo members use external service to post the reviews the company will request access to the data and after confirming and approving the contents, members can use external service posting function.
  • Members must comply with the specific regulations of the external services after registered user ID and when using external services.
  • When using external services, members are responsible for their own actions, the company will not assume any responsibility relating to external services if incurred losses caused by members using the services.

VII. Exemptions

You have to be responsible when using Anh Mo. Please read carefully the below before using:

1. Service Providers and products information

The company does not guarantee the accuracy of Service Providers information as well as information relating to products in the Service Providers. When making reservation, ordering foods or using services provided by Service Providers, we advise you to confirm directly with the Service Providers about address, opening/closing hours, holidays etc…by phone in advance. In addition, the company will not be responsible for any damages or loss incurred by Users or their friends who used information from the Service Providers or Service Providers products.

If you find any inaccurate information, please contact us by email at or phone hotline at 024.3836.3456.

2. Content of reviews:

The company does not guarantee the quality of content of reviews posted on the website. Please evaluate and use your own judgement. In addition, the company will not take responsibility and will not compensate for any damages incurred by the Users or Users’ friends.

3. Linked Websites:

The Company provides no warranties in relation to websites operated by third parties that are linked to Anh Mo. Users should exercise their own judgment. In addition, the Company will not provide any compensation or have any involvement whatsoever in damage caused by linked websites to Users or Users’ friends.

4. Deletion of reviews:

Although Anh Mo content is contributed by members reviews, but for the accuracy of information, if we find any reviews which are similar or related to the following items, we will delete it without needing to issue prior warning. The company reserve the right to delete if a review . In addition, as stated in the paragraph VI.(5) on 3rd parties websites/services content, company will check and delete these posting if needed.

  • Reviews Content that does not follow guidelines;
  • Reviews Content that does not follow public order and morality;
  • Reviews Content that has no relationship to the purposes of Anh Mo or Service Providers or having 3rd party product or services as the subject of Reviews;
  • Reviews Content that includes harmful programs, script or the like;
  • Reviews Content concerning soliciting, offering (both buying and selling), exchanging, transferring, or advertising, with the goal of profit-making;
  • Other review Content that hinders Anh Mo management or is judged by the Company to be inappropriate.

5. Map information

The Company provides no warranties in relation to map information pertaining to the posted address of Service Providers. Map information is provided by Google Inc., and Google Inc.’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy apply.

VIII. Copyright, property rights and other rights

  1. All copyright, trademark rights, other intellectual property rights and other property rights relating to content and individual information, trademarks, images, advertisements, and designs included on Anh Mo belong to the Company or the lawful holder of the rights.
  2. Anh Mo and all related software used in Anh Mo have property rights protected by laws and regulations relating to intellectual property rights.
  3. Users must not copy, edit, change, publish, reproduce, publicly transmit, distribute, sell, supply, translate or adapt or use Anh Mo or its contents in any way, except in cases where Users are authorized to do so by the Company or by a third-party copyright holder or holder of other intellectual property rights or other property rights, and cases where application or use without authorization by the holder of the rights is permitted by laws and regulations.
  4. The Company takes no liability whatsoever for damage incurred due to violation by a User of any of the preceding terms. If a User profits from such conduct, the Company has the right to demand an amount equivalent to that profit.

IX. Prohibited conduct

  1. The following conducts are prohibited when Users using Anh Mo:
  • Without the prior consent of the Company, copying or reproducing by other methods, duplicating, forwarding, transferring, distributing, circulating, reselling or storing to use for any of those purposes information provided by Anh Mo, except where it is specifically authorized by laws and regulations, these Terms or the guidelines;
  • Violation of these Terms or the guidelines;
  • Violation of public order and morality;
  • Conduct that leads to or promotes illegal conduct, criminal conduct, or conduct that poses significant danger;
  • Infringement of the Company’s, other Users’ or third parties’ intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyright, design rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, patent rights, and know-how);
  • Illegal infringement of other Users’ or third parties’ rights or interests, or conduct likely to infringe such rights or interests;
  • Hindering the operation of Anh Mo or damaging the reputation of the Company;
  • Submitting false statements when registering as a Anh Mo Member;
  • Registering the same person multiple times as a Anh Mo Member;
  • Unauthorized use of emails or passwords, or allowing other Users or third parties to use them;
  • Use of Anh Mo functions for the purpose of encounters with strangers of the opposite sex; and[DL1]
  • Other conduct judged by the Company to be inappropriate.
  1. If there is conduct by a User falling under any of the preceding items or conduct judged by the Company to be inappropriate in the light of the intent and purposes of Anh Mo, the Company may discontinue service of Anh Mo by the relevant User or may take other measures judged by the Company to be appropriate (“Discontinuation of Service Measures”). Discontinuation of Service Measures may be implemented based on the discretion and judgment of the Company, regardless of whether or not the User is responsible for the conduct. The Company reserve the right to withhold respond in any way to a User’s inquiries on the reasons for implementing Discontinuation of Service Measures, regardless of the circumstances. Further, the Company assumes no liability whatsoever with respect to any damage incurred by a User caused by Discontinuation of Service Measures.

X. Alteration of these Terms

The Company may alter the contents of these Terms. In such event, notification will be provided on Anh Mo, or by other methods as the Company considers appropriate. Upon notification, the relevant amendments come into effect, and Users agree to such amendments.

XI. Withdrawal Procedures

  1. If a Anh Mo member wishes to withdraw from membership, they must undertake the Company’s designated withdrawal procedures.
  2. If a Anh Mo Member undertakes withdrawal procedures, they will lose all rights and privileges in relation to the use of their Anh Mo Member account granted by the Company.
  3. Anh Mo Members agree in advance that, even if they undertake withdrawal procedures, reviews or other content posted by them will not be deleted.
  4. If an Anh Mo Member has completed withdrawal procedures, or the agreement between the Company and the Member pursuant these Terms has ended, section IV. Registration and Management of Login Accounts, etc.; section V. Privacy; paragraphs (1), (2), (4) and (5) (c) of section VI. Use of Anh Mo; section VII. Exemptions; section VIII. Copyright, Property Rights and Other Rights; section IX. Prohibited Conduct; and section XII. Governing Laws and Jurisdiction will remain in effect.

XII. Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

These Terms will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Vietnam. If a need for litigation arises in relation to these Terms, the Hanoi Court will be the agreed court of first instance with exclusive jurisdiction.

XIII. Inquiries

If you have any queries, please contact us by email at or phone at 024.3836.3456